Brain chiller

Scan air manufactured online, recirculated water chillers for various applications as detailed given below. Water chillers for applications ranging from 1° C - 25° C ° ± 1° C specially for soft drink industry online chiller with Stainless Steel 316 grade secondary heat exchanger. The chillers are designed new generation styled and built esthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.
Standard flow is a portable water chiller with the tank. They are used in closed loop cooling applications. Where all of the water pumped from the chiller returns to the machines under generated by the chiller pump.

  • Reversed flow is a portable water chiller without the tank. It is used in open loop cooling applications where an external tank or through is used. This tank are through must gravity feed into the chiller pump. Which sense water through the chiller and filter, back to the process or back to the tank or through.