SS 316 (CF8M) Centrifugal Pump


Chemical Plants : Caustic transfer, Acid loading & unloading, monomer & Polymer Transfer. Dyes & Intermediate. Waste Acid recovery, Scrubber service, Pickling application.
Petrochemical : Aromatics ,Low specific gravity ,Hydro Carbons ,Oil.
Pulp & Papers : Coating slurries, Alum & Titanium Transfer.
Pharma Industries : API Bulk drugs Plants, DM Water Plants


  • Investment Casting -high efficiency
  • better surface finish & back pull out design.
  • Accurate alignment of impeller to casing provides maximum Hydraulic efficiency
  • Arrangement for cooling seal or packing at elevated temperature in ssop series.
  • Removable SS shaft sleeve simplifies maintenance
  • Maximum sealing flexibility -any type inside or outside single or double
  • Mechanical seal almost any mechanical seal will fit.


Temperature Upto 160°c
Power Up to 80 hp
Solid % Max 30%
Solid size Max 3 mm
Series Max flow in m3/hr Max flow in m3/hr
SSC 350 72