Chilled water is used to cool and dehumidify air in mid to large size commercial, industrial facilities like Water chillers can be either water cooled chiller or air cooled chiller Whenever a chiller's heat rejection can be used for a productive purpose, in addition to the cooling function.

Water Cooled Chillers :

  • Water cooled chillers are typically indoor installation and operation, it's all cooled by a separate condenser water loop and connected to outdoor Cooling Towers to expel heat to the atmosphere.

Air Cooled Chiller:

  • Air Cooled chillers are intended for outdoor installation and operation. Air cooled machines are directly cooled by ambient air being mechanically circulated directly through the machine's condenser coil to expel heat to the atmosphere.

Quality Control:

  • Our chillers are compact design covering minimum floor area. low cost maintenance, break through technology and long life serviceability Chilled water temperature can range from 5°C to 7°C Our Chillers manufacturing range from 0.5 TR to 250 TR

Industry Chiller Application

  • Plastic industry in injection and blow moulding,
  • Metal working cutting oils, welding equipment,
  • Die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing,
  • Pharmaceutical formulation,
  • Food and beverage processing


  • Source of power
  • Chiller rating
  • Capacity of the evaporator and condenser
  • Cooling capacity of the chiller
  • Type of the evaporator
  • Ambient temperature

Function Of Industrial Chiller

  • The industrial chillers are normally packaged, complete and closed-loop systems Include the condenser, pumps, chiller, temperature control systems and associated valves.
    Circulates water or any other coolant at constant pressure and temperature. The coolant flows from the chiller to the point of application and back again.
    Refrigeration is used as the cooling process in most of the industrial chillers. Some depend on air or water that flows over the coils containing a specific coolant in order to regulate the temperature.
    The coolant that is used most commonly in process chillers is water, though coolant mixtures are employed frequently. The latest development in industrial water chillers is the utilization of water cooling rather than air cooling.
    The condenser cools the refrigerant with water and not air. A Cooling Tower cools the air, thus reducing the need for energy as well as the chiller size. This is because of the condenser's small surface area and the lack of cooling fans which minimizes the noise levels too.