Fanless / Filless Cooling Tower

Fanless / Filless Cooling Tower

The Fanless, Filless Induced Draft design has been developed after a detailed research and analysis of the engineering design. This design allows a substantial saving in Power Consumption. Also, the common problems of breakdown and maintenance of Cooling Tower are eliminated to a large extent with this design.

Technical Function

The Hot water from the heat source is circulated to the inlet header of the Cooling Tower. The inlet header pipes have branches and sub branches covering the internal area of the cooling towers. The non clog nozzles are connected at the outlets of the sub branch piping's.
At a inlet pressure of 1 - 1.5 Kg/cm2 to the Cooling Tower, the hot waters are atomized to a mist state. The nozzles are self designed to create more pressure thereby converting water into minute atomized particles. From the four sides of the louvers, plenty of fresh air is automatically circulated by the aero dynamic designed FRP louvers. Waters are directed by the special aero dynamic louvers towards the collection sump. The louvers ensure that the water donot spill out of the towers.
The hot waters, that are in a mist state, comes directly in to contact with the ambient air and the cooling is achieved mainly by, the portion of water, that gets converted to vapors, thus caring away the latent heat of evaporation. Therefore, water gets cooled and in this process, the air gets heated, saturated and thereby caring away some sensible heat from water.


  • Eliminates fill media and hence maintenance
  • Eliminates motor / fan and hence power consumption
  • Used for high temperature applications
  • Used for industries having polluted waters
  • All structural in HDG Steel, to arrest rust
  • All joints with SS fasteners
  • Aero dynamic designed FRP / GI louvers
  • Capacities 10TR to 1000TR, in a single cell
  • Water flow 10CMH to 1000 CMH, in a single cell